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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Costpitch


Terms and conditions page (Agreement) governs your use of costpitch platform (costpitch.in or costpitch app).

All users (include individual users and business users) are requested to read all terms and conditions carefully before using costpitch product.

Introduction of costpitch: Costpitch is a brand, which is own by Xtrablazon (OPC) Private Limited (Company) .Costpitch or costpitch.in, or costpitch app provide Offers Feed Page to gain offers & deals content before/ after buying product from retailers or service providersThrough our product or services line, business users can create and manage loyalty offer plan, issue & redeem e-loyalty card/ voucher/ gift voucher, customer birthday offer content trigger, push ad campaign, issue & redeem e-credit proof and transactions management. On the other hand, individual users can collect/save/keep digital loyalty card/ voucher, gain valuable campaign contents, exclusive birthday offers from nearby stores or from that stores where user made some purchases.

Note: Terms and Termination

The agreement will continue to apply to you until terminated by you or costpitch.


In order to access the costpitch services, you need to meet following conditions:

There are two divisions of terms and conditions. One is for individual users and other one is for business/vendors users.

Individual Users

Vendor/Business Users


We will take some basic information during sign up like email id, name of applicant, contact information.


They have to share some important information with us in order to understand our business customer deeply.

Information like:

  1. Name of Business
  2. Name of Owner
  3. Contact details like email id and phone number



Individual users must have an age of 18 years or above.


Business owner/manager must have an age of 18 years or above.

Proof of existence:

email id / phone Number

Proof of existence:

email id / phone Number

Condition of information:

Must be correct based on his/her knowledge.

Condition of information:

Must be correct based on available document or information.



  1. They can recieve & keep loyalty or liability card, exclusive birthday offer, campaign content from costpitch's listed stores. Also you can manage transaction history.
  2. They can redeem their loyalty or liability cards on demand at business store according to the loyalty plan or benefit description design by business.
  3. Fraud case: Costpitch will not be liable for any type of fraud or fake information created by business.

However, costpitch will provide full support by providing some important information or proof regarding business’s loyalty plan, liability management and digital billing.




  1. They can create and manage loyalty plans.
  2. They can create liability card from their side or from customer side.
  3. They can send campaign contents to customers via SMS & in-wallet graphical message.
  4. They can send customer birthday offer to customers via SMS & in-wallet graphical message.
  5. They can manage transaction history.
  6. Merchant panel will automatically collect data like name, email id, phone number & loyalty point value from customer's e-wallet. 

Payment and cancellations:

There is no charge or hidden charge to use costpitch.

It is free for individual users.


Payment and cancellations:

For access costpitch business services line, you have to pay a fixed annual subscription fees per business store.

You have to pay required monthly subscription payment through Razorpay Payment Link that is attached at your Merchant Panel.

If you want to cancel subscription of services during selected package period then you cannot cancel it and you have to wait for ending of your selected package period.There will be no any type of refund provided by costpitch after payment of costpitch service plan package.

Offers and service charges

Not for individual users.

Offers & service charges

You can check the productivity of our platform for growth of your business during 7 days free trial period.

If you want to continue with costpitch business panel after trial period then you have to pay Rs 1200 per year ( i.e, Rs 100/ Month ). SMS cost will not included in this fees. You have to pay separately to gain SMS credits in your account.

Once the payment is done from merchant side, it will not refundable in any case.





Costpitch or its company,Xtrablazon (OPC) Private limited,will not be liable for any kind of fraud initiated by either merchant users or customers.However we will try to investigate through backing system in order to reach to guilty person or entity and in this way we will help our customers.If any kind of fraud or uncomfortable things happen on our platform then we will improve and innovate our application and websites product in aspect of security or other thing which help our customers to operate and use our platform smoothly and easily.

Our Promise & Commitment

We are promising to you that we will secure/protect your data at our company and we will use your data to improve and integration of productive product for your (Individual users and Business Users) benefit.

Intellectual Property rights

Our company (Xtrablazon) indirectly owns brand name /trademark/Logo of Costpitch. It holds intellectual property rights and materials contained in our app/web app.

You are granted limited license only for purpose of using our service within app/website.

Costpitch is registered trademark which is indirectly hold by Xtrablazon (OPC) Private Limited through its proprietor and no one can use this trademark for any purpose without taking permission letter from Xtrablazon.

Your Content

Feedback: We can receive your feedback or comment through feedback box and we will utilize it for purpose of converting feasible/valuable feedback into feedforward.

Contents other than feedback are come from business users like loyalty plan description, Requirement of cards, period of loyalty/liability card, etc. These content are create by business/vendor users.

We will not responsible for any kind of information mistake by vendor/business users.

Restrictions for Individual users:

  • Individual users cannot open business account in our platform.
  • You cannot expect any type liability or payment from Costpitch toward fault or damage or scam of loyalty benefit/gift/offer designed by our listed vendor/business clients.

Restrictions For Business Users:

  • Business/Vendors cannot use one account for multiple stores. One account must be use for one business store.
  • Business/Vendors have to subscribe our service with online payment only. We will not receive cash. However, in some special case, we can receive cash payment from vendor/business.

Changes to Agreement

Xtrablazon's Costpitch Division may make changes in agreement for valid reasons like improving existing functions or features,adding new features or product line,eliminate existing product line,add new technology/softwares to improve,etc.

Format ,Content & Operation of Website/App

Costpitch may change the format and content of this web site at any time. Costpitch may suspend the operation of this web site for support or maintenance work, in order to update the content or for any other reason.



Thank You for reading our terms & conditions.If you have any question,please mail us on [email protected] (if you are not costpitch user yet) or [email protected] (if you are registered costpitch user).

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